December 13, 2011

Though winter's yet to really show its teeth here in Chicago I'm gearing up for the cold crisp air, snow fall, extra lights and all the gloriousness that comes with the winter season. Next week will mark the third annual Christmapodtacular, but will actually feature Christmas music this year. Though I barely celebrate the holiday I stumbled on some gems from some great artists I'd really like to share. If nothing else it'll offer a great alternative on xmas morning for all the gift openin if that's what you're into.

But, that's next week. There haven't really been any podcasts I don't like, but some of them get me all sorts of giddy and force me to bob my head like a moron wherever I may be. This week's episode most definitely falls into the latter category and is one of my favorites in the past couple of months. I should probably play The Mumlers a little more, but tend to lose them in the shuffle of week to week searching. Hoping you dig their slightly New Orleans style as much as I do. Also really happy to get some updated Piers Faccini in this week. When I first saw him a few years back he was touring the Tearing Sky album, which is beautiful, but kind of lacks oomph. The same cannot be said for his releases since, especially Two Grains of Sand (the album featured in this episode). Lastly there's Ten Years After, a band that seems to have been lost in the decades since their height, but certainly holds up. I was lucky enough to find them in my dad's old record collection (Best. Christmas. Gift. Ever.) several years back and have been loving them ever since.

Anyway, enough ramblin. Here's what you'll be listening to this week.

Start Time – Artist / Track / Album

0:20 – Ashanti Afrika Jah / Onyame / Nigeria 70 – Lagos Jump
5:08 – The Temper Trap / Drum Song / Conditions
8:23 – Wolfmother / Sundial / Cosmic Egg
12:06 – Thom Yorke / FeelingPulledApartByHorses / FeelingPulledApartByHorses
18:24 – Aloe Blacc / I Need A Dollar / Good Things
22:26 – Tom Waits / Step Right Up / Small Change
28:03 – Drive-By Truckers / Danko/Manuel / The Dirty South
34:06 – Piers Faccini / Your Name No More / Two Grains of Sand
37:35 – Sam Bush / Roll On Buddy, Roll On / Circles Around Me
40:02 – Fabulous Wailers / Tall Cool One / Original Golden Crest Masters
42:27 – The Mumlers / Raise The Blinds / Don't Throw Me Away
46:45 – The Dansettes / I've Got a Feeling (feat. Leah) / Oh My!
49:29 – Black Lips / It Feels Alright / Good Bad Not Evil
52:11 – The Budos Band / Rite of the Ancients / The Budos Band III
55:51 – Ten Years After / One Of These Days  / Recorded Live


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