October 12, 2010

In the late fall of 2007 the traveling two man dance party known as BoomBox made the long trek north from Muscle Shoals, Alabama to lil ol Kalamazoo and rocked the house to a sold out Bell's crowd. But not before gracing the WIDR studios for a solid hour of some of the best radio Some Kind of Jam was very happy to slap its name on. To this day the sound quality of the recording surprises people, it honestly sounds CD quality (which has more than just a little to do with Mr. Randolph).

Just in case you've been living under a non-funky rock for a little while, BoomBox is Producer/Engineer/DJ/Drummer Russ Randolph and Producer/DJ/Vocalist/Guitarist Zion Rock Godchaux. These two virtuosos of modern music mix elements of funk, drum n bass, electro, rock n roll and pretty much whatever else strolls through their stream of conscious and roll it into a sound I challenge you not to bob your head to. You'll be reaching for your dance shoes by the third song. Go ahead, try it out. Here's what's on the in-studio session:

1. Mr. Boogie Man
2. No Joke
3. Tonight
4. Zion Speaks
5. *
6. India
7. Monterreo

P.S. They recently released their much anticipated second album downriverelectric, their first studio album since 2005. Yeah, it's good.


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