September 25, 2010

Funktion, the 8-man band based in Kalamazoo, MI, delivers their dare-you-not-to-dance blend of funk and soul with a hip-hop beat that isn’t afraid to straddle genres – including rock and jazz. This lends to a gritty and some times flat-out rambunctious flavor in their live shows. Whether they’re entertaining in a small basement bar or a Chicago club, the rhythm section lays down a skillful, yet simple groove, while up from the center comes a shockwave of energy from the driving percussion and soulful vocals. Don’t worry, the horn line isn’t just for show. They provide slinky, yet powerful grooves, subtle vocal harmonizing and when the mood strikes, some dance moves that beg the audience to join them. Funktion’s high-energy performances are as intoxicating as whatever’s on tap. Night after night their live shows bring the kind of soul-stirring experience usually reserved for Sunday mornings. - Emily Haines


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